Old Methodologies - The Way Things Were

In the old days, finding and transferring information was done on paper or by phone.  In the late 20th century, the Internet was developed.  It was supporsed to make it easier to catalogue and retrieve information, but we were limited by the technology.

When registering for events or ordering in a restaurant, one still had to talk to a person.  The items were written on paper.  Computerized registration was created but it didn't go far enough.  Real-time data was not available to the user.

21st Century - New Age Solutions

We have the internet, we have wireless and we have intranet.  Why not combine all three in order to capture data, make it available in real-time and work smarter!

By using a localized intranet, capturing the "lost leader", iLbMobile brings solutions to the paper problem, links information that can be gathered via a wireless connection or from the data cloud on the net.

Find out how you can make money from the free Wi-Fi that you provide or the intranet that you are currently using for your business.

Let iLbMobile put money BACK into your resources!

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